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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 9, 2013 12:35am-1:05am PST

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my god, seriously. >> jimmy: next week, james franco, rachel weisz, carl reiner will be here, chef bobby flay, music from josh groban, elliott goulding, and fall out boy. "nightline" is next. good night. tonight on "nightline," over 100 officers on a mass ever manhunt for one of their own. the fugitive ex-cop wanted in a deadly rampage. why police say he has become their worst nightmare. the monster blizzard barreling down on 42 million americans, dumping several feet of snow and
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unleashing extreme winds, with states of emergency declared across the east coast, we report from inside a mighty nor'easter. and the love doctor. looking to amp up the romance this valentine's day? well, legendary sex expert dr. ruth shares her foolproof playbook for bedroom mojo. >> keep it right here, america. "nightline" is back in just 60 >> keep it right here, america. "nigh[ male announcer ]just 60 citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. from new york city, this is "nightline" with bill weir. >> good evening. thank you for joining us tonight. today a high-stakes manhunt is intensifying in california as police there scour the los angeles area in search of the man who allegedly killed three people in a revenge-motivated shooting rampage. but this is no ordinary manhunt. because the man police are looking for was once a cop himself. he is armed, dangerous, and
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equipped with the same training as those tracking him down. abc's david wright has the latest. >> reporter: new images of fugitive christopher dorner taken by surveillance cameras. the trouble is they were not taken today. this was two weeks ago in irvine, not far from where monica kwan and her fiance keith lawrence were murdered last sunday, the last photos taken of dorner before he disappeared. signs like these, armed and dangerous, are on every freeway here in southern california. police hoping that someone will spot him. but so far, no one has. the last tangible clue where dorner might be, the burnt-out hulk of his truck near big bear lake, but no body inside, and footsteps leading away. how far away? that's the question. today about 100 law enforcement officers here in big bear searched in vain. >> there were reports of some tracks being found.
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they investigated those. along with those tracks, they found ski tracks. it's a popular area for people to go cross-country skiing. they determined that's what it was. those tracks are not related to dorner. >> reporter: blizzard-like conditions haven't helped matters. no eye in the sky, for one thing. in this weather, the helicopters can't fly. on the ground, not much better. the visibility is so bad, you could barely see the headlights of oncoming traffic. search teams had to use snowcats to get up to remote cabins in the mountains. >> there was also a report of a door kick at a cabin in the seven oaks area. they checked that out. it's old damage. >> reporter: dorner seems to have vanished, faded into the snow. >> if he has gone into hiding, he won't stay in hiding, because that doesn't really feed his needs, and his needs are to tell us that he's an okay guy, he's a powerful guy and he can take action, and action means going
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after those who have wronged him. >> reporter: authorities are systematically searching every address dorner has had. today, police executed a search warrant at his most recent address, the house he shared with his mother and sister, both of whom were home today. >> this was definitely part of our investigative strategy. this was a residence he was believed to live at, a residence belonging to his mother. so we're searching for any evidence connected to wear he might be or connected to the crimes he's alleged to have committed. >> reporter: irvine police carried out plenty of items in paper bags. no comment on what they found. one big problem authorities are facing, because of his police and military training, dorner knows the methods and procedures of this type of search. in that money confess toe published online, he taunts the lapd about it. i have the strength and benefits of being unpredictable, unconventional and unforgiving, he writes. do not waste your time with briefs and table tops. i will utilize every bit of
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small arms training, demolition, or the nance and survival training i've been given. >> because of police training and military training, he would maybe do the obvious, like dump his cell phones, perhaps not use his credit cards, not travel to any place that he has a previous history because as we look for people, we go to where they have been, because people feel comfortable and go to those locations. >> reporter: at this point, authorities are hoping he'll make a mistake. ariana williams knows dorner better than most. she dated him seven years ago and says he was unraveling even back then, always keeping weapons close by. >> he'd be in the bed and there'd be one by the bed. there'd be one on the kitchen counter. there may be a combat knife or something maybe i saw in the bathroom one day or in the kitchen. there would be several weapons just lying around in my domain. and i just thought -- these are things that just transpired over time that i just thought were strange. >> reporter: she said today she's still scared but doubts he will come after her. >> i think he's got bigger fish to fry right now.
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i think he's got a lot more on his plate. i think he's very angry with these people for destroying his career or for destroying him. he feels, as a person. >> reporter: today here in big bear, plenty of people were nervous. brian murphy checked in with his kids via text message and plans on keeping his gun handy. >> i keep it safe and unloaded. tonight it will be loaded. >> reporter: today the ski resort reopened. the fresh powder tough to resist, even with a manhunt under way. >> i'm not really too scared about it. but, you know, it's in the back of my mind, thinking about it, you know. >> i told everybody i was going to big bear today and they were like oh, my gosh, there's a killer on the loose. >> reporter: craig and christine wine gar came here to celebrate their anniversary. not quite what they expected when they checked in to the castle wood cottages, a group of mountain lodges with a medieval theme. >> well, we've had to be more vigilant, a little bit more careful. i wouldn't let him go get his car charger last night.
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i was afraid to let him outside. >> at least in a place like this, you have weapons to defend yourself. >> that's true. defend the castle. >> reporter: authorities say they're not giving up on their search. >> we're going to continue searching until we discover that he left the mountain or we find him, one of the two. >> reporter: either way, no matter how many survival skills he may have, this is unlikely to end well for christopher dorner. >> only god knows the answer to that, but i don't think it's going to be a good thing. and you can only hide out in the snow in the cold for so long. >> reporter: at the end of the day, they're no closer to finding their man, but at least today no one was killed or injured because of the manhunt. i'm david wright for "nightline" in big bear lake. just ahead, the latest on the giant blizzard pummeling the northeast with massive snowfall and hurricane-force winds. we report from the center of an historic storm. ♪
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to get a hint from the scene behind me tonight, a massive blizzard is battering the northeast dropping up to 3 feet of snow, whipping up hurricane-force winds in connecticut, rhode island, new york, new hampshire, massachusetts, all declared states of emergency tonight. at least 500,000 homes and businesses now without power. the rest of us hunker down to ride this thing out. our extreme weather teams ginger
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zee reports from the bull's-eye of this storm, boston, massachusetts. >> reporter: snowed in, shut down, and nor'eastered. more than 40 million americans are being forced to spend their weekend indoors, thanks to this. a nor'easter that will likely make weather history. the brunt of this beast is hitting right now, snow falling at amazing rates. 1 to even 4 1/2 inches per hour. winds gusting from 50 to even 70 miles per hour. and on a crazy night where only the plows are running, we hopped in with a captain of this boston city plow. this one? oh boy, now i'm driving. oh boy. to see how the force was fighting the worst of it overnight. this is just the beginning of it. >> yeah. >> reporter: how long do you expect to be out tonight? >> anywhere from 16 to 20 hours. >> reporter: wow. that's a long shift.
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it's going to be a long shift for a lot of folks. this whole thing started when a snow-making clipper system that dropped more than a foot of snow in michigan joined a moisture-filled storm from the south. collision makes this nor'easter. >> these gusts are really starting to come at us now. you get a perspective from the light, just how fast and hard the snow is starting to fall. >> this is a storm of major proportion. stay off the roads. stay home. >> i think everybody's in a panic. everybody's getting ready. we don't know what to expect. >> reporter: well, we do know what to expect. 1 to 2 feet of snow for some of the biggest cities, and in some places, even more. then there's the wind and the storm surge, major issues. >> it's ridiculous. we were just standing there and getting blown all over the place. the wind is just crazy right now. >> reporter: wabc reporter tim flesher is gauging the storm surge in stamford. >> i'm standing alongside one very angry long island sound. take a look out here. the waves already whipping up.
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in the early stages of this blizzard. >> reporter: even before the bulk of the storm hit, the roads were terrible. a section of i-95 in connecticut was shut down, and even plows crashed. this one flipped in virginia. what do you got there? >> salts. >> reporter: back in boston, getting off the roads and back home was vital. >> we need to be prepared. you never know what could happen. so i hope everything's fine. my own concern is about the power. because no power, no heat, you know? >> reporter: more prepared. that's how millions spent their friday. the preps have begun. all that salt pouring into the trucks, they're getting ready here. we've got a little while before the heaviest snow starts, but they are going to be using these tons and tons of salt. and snow quickly added up. the snow is really coming down here. you can hardly see the buildings of boston and it's just before 3:00. comes down only about an inch or so on the ground.
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very good packing, fun-playing snow, but only for so long. the entire city of boston shut down early. even starbucks was closed. but that didn't stop some of the hardy few and their pets from getting outside. looks like he's enjoying the snow. >> absolutely. yeah. he's a little bit cooped up all day so he needs to get some exercise. >> reporter: before the big snow. >> exactly. >> reporter: looking forward to it? >> absolutely. got no car. don't have to park here so i got no reason to complain. i just heard we might get a foot or two. so it sounds like the blizzard of '78 which i grew up hearing my parents talk about. it may be our turn now for a similar storm. >> reporter: at the airports, more than 4,700 flights canceled through sunday. in boston, logan airport was a ghost town. jetblue tweeted out this picture of their last three jets leaving before the storm. but in new york, the real worry is that areas devastated by hurricane sandy this past fall are being hit again.
12:53 am
abc's ron claiborne spent the day in the rockaways in queens, which practically washed away in sandy. >> how many storms of the century can you have in six months? little nervous. >> reporter: sheila smith finally moved back home just before new year's but still can only live on the second floor of this house. >> feel like you're getting beat up here? >> we're always getting beat up here. it's just -- i'm nervous with the waves and the storm coming through. but i'm upstairs and hopefully this time, it will not hit any of the houses here. >> are you prepared this time? as prepared as you can be? >> i'm as prepared as i can be. >> reporter: another fear tonight is that the power will go out -- again. >> the power lines go down, you can see the power lines are so low and you can see the pole is tilting. so you lose power for a day, half a day. so i have my generator. we're more prepared than ever. >> reporter: and social media was abuzz with the images of the blizzard.
12:54 am
some even celebrating the weather. but for much of the east coast, there is little to celebrate. visibility will be near zero. >> if you don't currently have a reason to be on the road, if you're not an emergency personnel that's required to report to work somewhere, stay home. >> reporter: tonight, the plows will try to keep up. does this truck have a name? >> well, it has a number. >> reporter: you don't have a name for it? >> ginger. >> reporter: it's named ginger. that's so nice. definitely on the extreme team now. as the newly formed extreme team and everyone else prepares to wake up making snow-filled history. for "nightline," i'm ginger zee in boston, massachusetts. next up, the legendary dr. ruth shares her tips for turning up the heat on your valentine's day. dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7.
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for the single, taken, or anywhere in between, valentine's day can be a bit of a stressful time. so if you're looking to wow a special someone this year, we bring you the next best thing to love potion number 9. yes, sensible tips from the one and only dr. ruth. >> and now, love advice from dr. ruth westheimer. >> i'm dr. ruth westheimer with some great tips to spice up your love life. bringing flowers is good. sending flowers ahead of time is better. a woman needs more time to become aroused, so looking at
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if there is someplace nearby where you can ice skate, that would be perfect. or go for a run. then share a nice warm bath. get your circulation moving. and i guarantee you that you will have a great time. do you remember what you did last valentine's day? if the memory is hazy, then do whatever it takes to make this year special. that way, the mood you set will have a lasting effect all year long. >> thank you, dr. ruth. we're all in the mood now. it's time for our closing argument. a new effort is under way in congress to legalize marijuana at the national level this week, two members of congress rolled out a pair of bills that would legalize and tax marijuana federally while still allowing individual states to ban the weed. so what do you think? is this a sign the rest of the country will soon follow
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colorado and washington's lead in legalizing pot? you can tell us on the "nightline" facebook page. tweet us @nightline. or @billweirabc. we do thank you for watching abc news. we hope you check in on "good morning america." they'll be working through blizzard tonight. we'll catch you up in the morning. we're always online at we hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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